Aussie ultrarunner will conquer India

Farmer 1


Australian ultrarunner Pat Farmer, who hails from humble beginnings in the western suburbs of Sydney, announced in India on Monday (December 7, 2015) that he will be running from Kanyakumari to Srinagar to raise awareness and money for girls in India next year.

Calling the run “The Spirit of India”, Farmer will face a 4,600-kilometre distance over 60 days, kicking off on Australia Day (January 26).

Farmer, 53, holds numerous world records and in May, 2014 completed an awareness-raising ultra when he ran the equivalent of two marathons a day from Lebanon to Jordan, Israel and Palestine in just 20 days.

He journeyed 1,500-kilometres for his Middle East Peace Run and got much acclaim for his efforts.

The Spirit of India tour will begin from the southern-most point of India, in Kanyakumari and will move north along the western side of the country towards Agra and Delhi, ultimately finishing in Srinagar.

Farmer said his goal was to support girls’ education and he would be supporting the charity K.C. Mahindra Education Trust.

“It’s something that I feel strongly about and I believe every girl should have access to basic literary skills as education is the way to change their world and ours,” he said.

“This journey is every man’s journey.

“This journey is about one Australian trying show that it doesn’t matter where we come from or what our religion is or what our personal beliefs are.

“At the end, we are all human beings sharing this planet, and each one us should help others and make a difference for other people.”

Farmer said he hoped not only to raise as much money as possible for his chosen charity, but to also increase trade relations between India and Australia.

“I want Australians to feel comfortable to travel to India for holidays, tourism destinations, for the opportunity to see the rich vibrant culture that India has to offer,” he said.

Follow the journey on Farmer’s facebook page here and use the social media tag #Spiritofindia.



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