Centurion celebrations at Brightwater parkrun

Norm Phillips
Norman Phillips will celebrate his 100th parkrun at Brightwater this Saturday. Image – supplied.


An Australian man who has lived for more than nine decades will be celebrated this weekend when he participates at his 100th parkrun in Mountain Creek, Qld.

Norman Phillips, 92, began his journey with the free weekly 5kms community event at Kawana parkrun on June 29, 2013 but moved his runs to Brightwater parkrun where the flatter course meant it would be easier on his aching hip.

Despite every so often stopping for a rest and sitting down while running the course, Phillips has made many new friends at parkrun and has made a lasting impression on everyone he’s met.

Phillips’ son David (Phillips) said he was in awe of his father, who has inspired many people over the years.

Dad is a true inspiration to myself and many others, and through parkrun we have met many wonderful people,” he said.

“I couldn’t imagine life without them all and the parkrun phenomenon…this Saturday he’d have completed 100 parkruns – amazing.”

Brightwater parkrun Event Director Debra Mills said Phillips was a genuine gentleman and she, as well as the running community, was looking forward to the centurion event, where it was expected there would be celebratory cake.

“Norman took up running when he was 61 years old…hes always been active his whole life by cycling to school and then to work,” she said.

“Norman is an amazing 92 year old, he has so much life in him and inspires us all at parkrun.  

“He ran his first London Marathon at the age of 63.

“He is a genuine caring guy who will always cheer and high five participants on course and come up to the volunteers and thank us as he is such a gentleman.

Sadly, Phillips said the 100th event would be his last parkrun, but it has been reported he will continue to support it as a volunteer.

Mills was skeptical.

“Never say never, Norm, she said.

Visit parkrun Australia for more information.


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