Run the day with your soulmate

LaurenandSimonRGAPersonal trainer/former elite gymnast Lauren Hannaford and partner Simon Pryce, entertainer, find training and running together helps strengthen their relationship. Image – supplied.


It’s said that to keep one’s relationship in a happy place and maintain a level of strength for the future, doing things together is key – having similar interests and enjoying the same activities can in many instances mean the life or death of a personal partnership.

According to US relationship expert Catherine Morris, research has shown that one of the major reasons relationships fail is due to lack of time spent together and according to her article ‘Spend time with your partner for relationship success’, making sure you enjoy quality activities together is like saving money for a rainy day because every time you and your partner spend time together you are shoring up the relationship against the times that you will hit a bump.

So it’s with little wonder that when couples run together, they not only live a healthier lifestyle, but the bond between them intensifies.

Australian celebrity couple Lauren Hannaford (personal trainer, fitness model and retired elite gymnast) and Simon Pryce (‘Red Wiggle’ from the children’s hit television show The Wiggles) both lead hectic lifestyles and clearly need to stay on top of their game.

Hannaford told Runglobal that one of the primary ways she and Pryce bond is through running.

“We were both into running before we met so it just naturally became something our relationship benefited from,” she said.

“When we were on the road touring together (Hannaford is a former dancer with The Wiggles) we use to run from the hotel to the theatre all the time; sometimes with the amount of shows we did it could be hard to find the energy to go running later in the afternoon so we would utilise whatever time we had.

“Even though we aren’t touring together anymore, as soon as we have an opportunity to train or run together we jump to it.

“While Simon is away I go onto Google Maps and map out a run for him that he could do in whichever city he may be in, that way it feels like we are both connected to the run together in some way, even if I’m not there.”

That, right there, is a beautiful supportive relationship fit for any runner.

Hannaford revealed running together as a couple was extremely beneficial, both mentally and physically.

“Both Simon and I do some of our best thinking and come up with our best ideas while we are running together because of the positivity it brings,” she said.

“We encourage each other through the run…we aren’t big music listeners when we train because we aren’t able to speak to each other (if we listen to music), and most importantly we aren’t able to hear one other when we are encouraging the other along.

“We talk about serious things like the year ahead, the week ahead, or more simple topics like what we’re going to eat right after we finish…you get so many motivational thoughts when you’re running, so if you have your most motivational person running next to you, just imagine the ideas you can come up with together.”

Hannaford and Pryce highly recommend running with a partner, but if it can’t be done all the time, just pounding the pavement at least once a week together is enough to improve communication, create appreciation for each other’s drive to live a healthier and fitter life, and develop a sense of achievement.

“There are no negatives about getting out there for a run whether it be with a friend, a partner or solo,” Hannaford said.

“If you are out there moving, you are improving your way of life as well as the people around you.

“Running always has you being a more positive energy to be around, which then rubs off onto other people.”

Follow Hannaford (@lozhannaford) and Pryce (@simon_wiggle) on Instragram to keep up to date on their fitness journeys.


One thought on “Run the day with your soulmate

  1. Jeremy is cultivating a run streak at the moment in the lead up to the 50k at Bunbury Running Festival.

    As I have no desire to try and also cultivate a run streak, I’ll pedal my shopper bike alongside him of an evening to keep him company as he runs.


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