Training hot spot will close for structure survey

Jacobs Ladder
Jacobs Ladder in Kings Park is a popular training spot for runners and fitness fanatics in the day and night. Image – Tracy Bishop.


One of Perth’s most popular fitness hot spots, Jacobs Ladder in Kings Park, will be closing indefinitely from Monday (February 22) with a survey to be undertaken to determine the structure’s ongoing safety.

Runners in particular use the network of 242-steps in the heart of Perth to train their endurance and leg muscles, especially as it is a 43-metre descent from Cliff Street down to Mounts Bay Road.

Mountaineers with heavily loaded backpacks, personal trainers and even local firefighter teams with all their life saving equipment worn have been known to train there also.

It will mean fitness fanatics will have to find other challenging environments, which could see Kings Park’s more natural stair climb Kokoda Track and/or the man-made built DNA Tower used as substitutes.

Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi said the City of Perth understood how important Jacobs Ladder was for recreational use, but it must be closed to allow the survey to take place.

​“In the interests of public safety it is imperative the structural survey is conducted,” she said.

​“While the City acknowledges Jacobs Ladder as an important fitness and tourist destination, public safety is the priority.

​“Unfortunately due to the nature of the testing required, there is no option but to close the area.”

​The assessment will enable the City to determine if any damage has occurred and consider what repairs are required. 

Its only other closure took place in 2010 after a landslide was caused by a hail storm.

Jacobs Ladder has also been a source of complaints from residents living in nearby apartments, grumbling about the noise caused by exercisers.

The structure could be closed for an extended period, pending results of the structural survey. 


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