Injured hiker rescued by tactical flight crew

Hiking-PolicePolice in Mount Wells, WA were called in to rescue a hiker who had been injured along the Bibbulman Track.

By Kate Dzienis

In WA, Mundijong Police and Police Air Wing officers rescued an injured, stranded hiker on Tuesday, March 15 in a section of the Bibbulman Track in Mount Wells.
The Austrian male hiker had planned a four-day journey along the track but a couple hours after starting the hike he fell and hurt his leg.

His injury continued to get worse, to the point where he was unable to continue.
The hiker has a lot of experience hiking and had ensured he had a way to make contact with emergency services in the event of an emergency.

At about 5:15pm the injured hiker used his satellite phone to call for help.
Acting on information regarding his location, a search operation was started by Mundijong Police and Police Air Wing.

The hiker was located 300 to 400-metres from main roads in thick bushland, by the Tactical Flight Crew on board the police helicopter.

Based on where he was located it is believed he would not have been easily visible to officers on the ground.
The Tactical Flight Crew guided the police officers on the ground to his location.

The police officers transported the hiker to an ambulance they had waiting at the intersection of Jarrahdale Road and Albany Highway.

He was checked over by the ambulance crew and was then taken back to his accommodation.

– Provided and written by Police Media, WA.


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