Moneghetti to hit the Swan River at this year’s Perth Marathon

steve runLong distance runner and four-time Olympian Steve Moneghetti will be on board the 3:30 bus at this year’s Perth Marathon. Image – Supplied.

By Kate Dzienis

The West Australian Marathon Club is gearing up for its big marathon event in June, which will see a long distance running legend join the field and participate in the club’s most anticipated race on the calendar.

Four time Olympian Steve Moneghetti, together with the WAMC, announced recently that the Australian legend would be getting on board the 3:30 bus for June’s Perth Marathon, which is set along the foreshore of the Swan River in Perth, and has offered an online training program with his Trained by Champs program for race participants.

WAMC president David Henderson said he always looked forward to the Perth Marathon, but this year was hoping it would get even bigger with Moneghetti participating and perhaps starting to attract more eastern states runners.

“The club is incredibly excited that Steve is coming across to run in the Perth Marathon and doing a 3.30-hour pace group on the day,” he said.

“He will be here on the Saturday before race day, at the club, to meet people and discuss anything and everything about marathon running.

“He’s such a great guy, and it’s an exciting opportunity for anyone who enjoys running, because how often can you say you spoke to, or ran with, a legend like Steve?”

Henderson hoped the Perth Marathon would start getting viewed as a big city marathon and attract eastern states runners; a number of internationals had already registered, and he was enthusiastic about the race’s future.

“Having Steve here, I’m imaging a lot of people wanting to do the run with him, it’s a fantastic time for the WAMC,” he said.

This week, Moneghetti told Runglobal he had never run the Perth Marathon course before, but had heard it would be a great flat run with magnificent views of the city, and was looking forward to being along the Swan River with the crowds.

“It’s a long way for me to run at the moment, but hopefully we’ll get there and help people achieve a goal and realise a dream – 3.30 is a good achievement for many, it’s exciting,” he said.  

“I had an achilles operation last November, so whilst I’m back running every day, I probably haven’t got the distance in my legs; I did 26kms last Sunday, but I should be okay for the marathon. 

“Having said that, my 12-week program is available for those wanting to participate in the big day. 

“The 3.30 goal is a pace of about five minutes per kilometre, so if people get on the program, it’s a nice lead in to the marathon – and it’s a bit of a replica of the sort of stuff I did when I was running; the quality and quantity are very similar, and hopefully that will help prepare them. 

“These things are about the journey, people get really focused on the day itself, but much of it is about the training under your belt prior to race day.”

Moneghetti said at the event, he was happy to chat with anyone and everyone running with him. 

“During the race, sure, those that get on the 3.30 bus with me, we can have a bit of a chat and what not, but that’s the thing about aiming for that time – in marathon running, you should be able to have a conversation and not be completely out of breath,” he said. 

The Australian legend will be at the WAMC clubrooms the Saturday prior to race day, and he encouraged everyone picking up their bibs to say hello and ask any questions that came to mind. 

The WAMC is located at the Burswood Water Sports Centre, 1 Camfield Drive, Burswood. 

To register for the Perth Marathon, visit here.






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