Celebrating 500 days of 5k a day

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 11.20.37 AMPhil Gore has been running a minimum of 5kms a day since 2015. Pictured here, he is running his first ever Perth Marathon (2015), where he finished in 3:02:44. Image – Jon Storey.

By Kate Dzienis

Today, a 29-year-old Darling Downs (WA) resident is celebrating a milestone. 

Phil Gore has always thought of himself as just an average runner, and although enjoying the sport whenever he was out on the roads, found himself to be inconsistent and sporadic with his training. 

It was in 2014 that he decided to stop making excuses; although there were days he would be out running, on other days he would tell himself he didn’t have time or it was too hot or too wet, and when he saw online one day there was a man in the US running 5kms a day, Gore wanted to go one step further and keep himself accountable. 

When 2015 rolled in, his new year’s resolution was to run every day of the year with a minimum of 5kms each day. He told himself he would make the effort to be out on the streets or the trails, and see how long he could maintain it for. 

Gore got to the end of the year and didn’t feel like stopping. 

Today marks his 500th day. 

“I don’t stick to a schedule at all,” he told Runglobal

“I generally play it by ear each day; I run because I enjoy it, if I had to run a certain distance or speed just because that’s what a program says, I’d feel like I wouldn’t enjoy it as much. 

“If I wake up in the morning and I’m not feeling great, I’ll still go for a short, easy jog, but if I have a lot of time and feeling more energetic I’ll go for a bit longer/faster.”

Gore’s longest achieved distance was last December’s 6 Inch Trail Marathon (WA), where he completed the 47kms leg (but accidentally ran 48.5kms due to a wrong turn).

He finished in just over four hours. 

“The biggest thing I am thankful for is the number of friends I’ve made through running,” he said.

“I used to be the type of person who would turn up to a parkrun, do my run and then go straight home. 

“Now when I run, I stay for ages afterwards, catching up with other people, cheering people over the line…and eating cake.”

Physically, Gore’s speed increased dramatically over the year, all thanks to his commitment of 5kms a day. 

His first ever parkrun he ran 19:56, but over 12 months he got down to 16:43. 

Gore’s longest run prior to 2015 was 12kms, and he said even then it felt like a real struggle to finish, but since that time, he’s completed four half marathons, two marathons and one ultra. 

 “I can’t see myself stopping anytime soon though with my 5kms a day minimum,’ he said. 

You call follow Gore on Instagram by searching for @5k_a_day_ and show your support by congratulating him on his 500th day. 



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