Taking on the mother of all challenges

screen-shot-2016-11-23-at-3-29-20-pmDanae Sinclair-Clift from Victoria will be taking on Sunday’s IRONMAN 70.3 Western Sydney triathlon just months after having a baby. Image – supplied.

NEWS REPORT – Melbourne, Vic

Danae Sinclair-Clift from Glenroy (Vic) will be one of more than 1000 athletes on the start line at Sunday’s IRONMAN 70.3 Western Sydney triathlon in Penrith.

The 33-year-old credits triathlon’s like Western Sydney, which consists of a 1.9kms swim, 90kms ride and 21.1kms run with helping her be the best mum she can be.

“It’s so good to have a goal, something to focus on that is all about you,” she said.

“Being a mum is an endurance sport on a whole other level, it helps to be fit, healthy and full of energy.

The new mum (her daughter Cadence is just 13 months old) had entered the 2016 IRONMAN 70.3 Geelong but at just four months post baby she decided to transfer her entry to Western Sydney.

“I have done many IRONMAN 70.3 events over the past seven or so years, many of those were in extremely testing conditions,” she said.

“When the going gets tough, I always remind myself that I survived racing through a desert in 40 plus degree heat or with only five weeks run training due to injury.”

In the past fitting in training around work and family commitments was a challenge, however with a baby thrown into the mix she has found she’s needed to lift her game from a scheduling standpoint.

“I always enjoy training for races, it’s been a little trickier this time around, and I don’t have the same amount of hours to dedicate to training as I used to, but hopefully I’ve done enough,” she said.

“I especially enjoy the ‘me’ time and hanging out with my training buddies.

“I’m not sure I have a strong leg at the moment, since coming back to more serious training I have been riddled with lower leg injuries and lack of sleep means I have missed many a session. 

“I guess my most consistent leg right now is the swim. 

“I was also able to continue swimming through my pregnancy until the day before Cadence was born so I guess that helped. 

“You never know, though, my body might surprise me.”

Sinclair-Clift loves triathlon and everything it adds to her life, more than just a sport she sees it as a lifestyle and a way to model the behaviour she sees as important for her new daughter.

“That’s what I enjoy the most, the way of life,” she said. 

“On top of that there are the awesome people that you meet, friends you make, places you travel to and people you (hopefully) inspire along the way.”

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