Perth invited to walk for melanoma

web-beach-runnerRunners in Australia expose themselves to the elements more frequently, making them susceptible to melanoma.


Melanoma March kicks off in Perth on Sunday, April 2 and Melanoma Institute Australia (MIA) are teaming up with melanomaWA, encouraging locals to sign up.

One Australian dies from melanoma every six hours, despite the fact that 90 per cent of melanomas can be successfully treated if detected early.

Melanoma is the most common cancer affecting 15 to 39-year-olds and is the leading cause of cancer death in 20 to 39-year-olds.

Annual Melanoma March events are held around the country throughout March and early April to raise awareness and fundraising to support life-changing melanoma research. Participants in Perth can walk or march along a short course and raise money through a fundraising page.

MelanomaWA founder and CEO Clinton Heal said the cancer did not discriminate and can happen to anyone and given the running community is very active outdoors in the Australian sun, awareness about melanoma was a must.

“It could affect our dads, mums, brothers, work colleagues or friends,” he said.

“Awareness and early detection are the keys to minimising the impact of melanoma on our loved ones so with this in mind, get behind the Melanoma March to remember those who have passed and to support the fantastic organisations who are working together to minimise the impact of melanoma here in Australia.”

Register for the march by heading to or join on Facebook @MelanomaMarch.

The event will be held in Perth on Sunday, April 2 at Cottesloe Beach at the corner of Marine Parade and Napier Street from 8am.


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