Newest race on run calendar could end you a PB

02E65474April 9 will see the launch of Perth’s newest footrace, the RunningWorks Bibra Lake Half Marathon, 12k & 6k. Image – Supplied. 

By Kate Dzienis

In three weeks’ time runners from across Perth will be heading out to Bibra Lake, 22-kilometres south of the city, to participate in the inaugural RunningWorks Bibra Lake Half Marathon, 12k & 6k – the newest race on the Australian run calendar.

Race director and RunningWorks owner Chris Lark said he wanted to create a race where spectators and supporters could cheer their friends and family members on.

For him the perfect location was Bibra Lake Reserve in the City of Cockburn, where speed would be a positive factor given the terrain was flat footpath with no major turns or road crossings.

“The course around the lake is six-kilometres so depending on which event you’ve entered, you could be running one, two or three laps,” he explained.

“The half marathoners will have a bit extra to run at the start line, so they will go in the opposite direction first but will quickly turn the other way back and continue around along the course.

“The course itself will enable family and friends to see their runners as they pass the start/finish to finish their relevant distances, it’s a brilliant opportunity for support through cheering and encouragement.”

Lark revealed the event was a great lead up to two of Perth’s biggest races later in the year, the HBF Run for a Reason and City to Surf, where participants could try to beat their six and 12-kilometre times in preparation.

“It’s a quicker course for the 12k and half distances than those two bigger races, there are no hills or inclines, so people can aim for a fast time at Bibra Lake,” he said.

“And the six, well everyone does their five-kilometres quite regularly so that little bit extra is a good challenge.”Bibra lake course map

Currently there are about 70 entrants but Lark was hoping for a 40 per cent increase by end of registration, with anticipation for anywhere between 150 and 200 runners in total.

He also said it was important for the local Perth community, both running and non-running, to get behind the smaller events. 

“It’s vital that the running community look after the small running events that are looked after by running clubs,” he said. 

“These are the base events of our community and without support we won’t have a successful running community.

“(The support) could potentially mean a result of larger clubs, which means more people running more people at your own standard making for a more friendly running environment.”

Lark was still looking for some volunteers to help set up, man drink stations and assist throughout the morning. If you would like to volunteer, email him directly at

To register for the RunningWorks Bibra Lake Half Marathon, 12 & 6k click here








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