World record attempt by cerebral palsy runner

Daryl HoweDaryl Howe has cerebral palsy but he has never let that stop him from doing what he loves – running. Image – Facebook/supplied.

By Kate Dzienis

This weekend’s Track Ultra WA event in Bunbury (170kms south of Perth) is set to draw a considerable crowd for participants, especially in part of a local runner who has some highly influential officials joining him.

The Ultra, which is also hosting the 2017 National Championships, is quickly becoming one of Australia’s premier track ultra events, and it is in its third year hosting the 3, 6, 12 and 24-hour races along with a 30 minute children’s run.

Daryl Howe, affectionately known as Dez and originally from New Zealand, has entered the 24-hour event, and is hoping to complete 100kms well within the allocated time, but Howe isn’t your average runner – he has spastic quadriplegia (affecting both his legs and arms) and is classified as a T36 cerebral palsy.

He was never meant to walk, but instead has defied most everyone in the medical world by running marathons – and he’s pretty great at it.

Howe’s attempt means that if he successfully completes 100kms in 24 hours, he will be officially registered in the Guinness Book of World Records, with officials due to witness his achievement as he races on a 400-metre track.

Friend and running partner Jacqueline McLean Jenkyn from Aveley will be acting as Howe’s lead support person, evaluating his condition at the end of each 10kms and providing crucial deep tissue massage to ensure his muscles cooperate with what he wants them to do.

She says Howe is one of the most inspirational people she has ever met and has total belief he will achieve his goal this weekend.

“Dez has been training intensely, so I know he has the capability to run the 100kms in 24-hours that he’s aiming for,” she says.

“With his incredible determination and the work of his team to make sure his mind, body and dietary needs are all met, I’m confident his aim to get into the world records will happen without a doubt.”

Track Ultra WA organiser Ron Mcglinn said it will be great for the officials to be at the event and he wished Howe, as well as all the other runners, all the best. 

Keep an eye out on Runglobal’s Facebook page on news of how you can send a live message to Howe via his support team – as he circles the track, messages of support will be written up on a board to keep him motivated. 

To watch participants’ progression in each event, tune in to 


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